What is Miraculous?

Miraculous is “THE FIRST ACTION COMMUNITY ON THE PLANET”. Here people get together to come into actions in the areas of Wealth, Health & Relationship. We as a community encourage you to take monthly Goals, and the community ( comprising of people like you and I ) supports each other to fulfil them.

How does it work?

Everybody being human need some structures to be in action. The human brain loves to be lazy and in pleasure. So we have motivational and holding to account structures to keep you in action. We believe the world works with structures, and support. Everybody being human need some structures to be in action. Driving on the left side of road, filing income tax ,having coaches, calendars, alarm clocks,Religion, constitution, laws etc etc are all structures to get us in action. The human brain loves to be lazy and in pleasure. Structures get us in action.

AND Instead of making big Goals, and huge/ yearly targets , like we normally do at the start of the year, we take small small targets each month. Then each month we consistently, work on our targets…. At the end of the year, without realising we have completed our Big Goals or are very near to completing it.

When Was it Formed ?

It was formed as a group on 9th May 2015. But the idea and work was in conception many years earlier.

Why do you take 3 Meetings to Decide for New Members ?

We also give you 3 months to decide if you’re ready to take on the madness we live with and in. Cos once you decide, you’ll be a part of a crazy family who are all out to support each other and be totally unreasonable!

So is this another type of motivational Coaching / Life Coaching ?

No, This is purely an action club, where you would be trained to be in action and become Leaders in your field. Motivational Speeches effect last a few hours or max a few days, but then you are left to fend for them and eventually give up, and start blaming yourself for not having enough willpower, they leave you in more self doubt and destroy confidence.

Why Do you charge money for non completion of structures?

Yes, We believe, money is a big motivator in this day and age , along with a buddy , a group and a huge declaration. to keep you in constant Action.

Will taking small targets and smaller actions help ?

Well, the world works on the principle of compounding effect, for example, a person who gained 40 kg in 15 years, has gained only 7 grams per day, which is like smaller than quarter of a chapati / bread that’s the only amount we had to resist per day to be in shape. Also consistent actions have a compound effect in all areas. We have people, doing Full marathon, curing thyroid, skin diseases, completing many hours of meditation, spending countless hours with kids, starting dream projects, creating passive incomes, getting up early as a habit, yoga, gym, eating healthy, meeting long lost family and friends , thousands of examples that have worked with smaller doable targets.

Are you affiliated to any Religious Group, political Party of Association?


Can I take Yearly Targets as Well?

Yes you can , there is a Goal Setting Workshop , where we encourage you to choose one target for a year, and then all your monthly targets will have to be aligned and in sync with your laser focus targets and your quarterly milestones.

Habit Building

Yes , that’s one field which creates structures in itself, and most of the daily activities we do are automatic, and without us knowing. So that’s a great structure to have. WE support members to do tasks for 21-66 days exactly in the same order , with a context so as to make it a subconscious effort or habit. Even to train our minds to wake up at 5: am daily for 60 days, we need structures.

Are you open to new Ideas/ Change ?

Definitely yes, our groups are independent bodies working as one, and we encourage teams to create their own rules and goals. We Have a quarterly review of all changes made.

Is commercial Business allowed, among members ?

Not for the first 3 months at. Once you decide to be with us, you would have networked within the group to know where and how you can work.

Do i need to take leadership Roles ?

yes we encourage each member to be Group Leaders in alternate Months, so they can practise leading , and support their groups

Who Own Miraculous ?

It is not “owned” by single person, but infact owned by many members. We’re one for all, and all for one. But yes, we do have a group of Founding members who’d started this and then decided to spread it across the world, since the common vision is to be able to support others in bringing HUGE transformations in our lives.

Are there any Trained Coaches ?

Yes, most of them are trained coaches across various verticals and platforms in the corporate and professional life, as well as personally. Trained Internationally and In India.

Who Makes Rules For Miraculous ?

There’s a main MIRACULOUS group WHICH Includes Team leaders of Miraculous, who give their ideas And there’s a MIRACULOUS COMMUNITY, that can share and discuss any points they have, and can work on the same accordingly.

Offsite Meeting with Family & Friends

Yes, we do this once in a year – as we believe an offsite – away from current locations and daily routine – is important, esp. with families, so as to understand each other a level further.

Why and when Is there fine on Buddy?

Because the Buddy is the one who takes a stand for you for the month.

Criteria to Remove existing Member ?

We have defined these in the Code of Conduct.

Why Google sheet ?

So as to have everyone on the same platform.

Why Evidence?

Cos as humans, we can often be led by emotions – to avoid any instances where our emotions overpower our sensibility to decide/ have rational conversations, we have this concept and structure of “proofs/ evidence” for every target we take on.

Why action ?

If you don’t need action, you don’t need Miraculous.

Why Health Wealth and relationships ?

As we believe these 3 are the main areas that can be inter-related. And usually, impact us the most. and we are open to more areas in the future, as the need arise.